Neuro Coaching training

Coaching is a transformative approach in clarifying challenges and issues that seem impossible to resolve.  It is a method that speaks to our subconscious mind to identify what the real motives and roots are of ideas and thoughts that do not serve us. By accessing a different neuro pathway new options are opened up to us and suddenly we see our dilemma or challenges in a different light.  We come to a realization that we do have options and are empowered to make important life changing decisions.


Course Objectives:

To introduce participants to knowledge and key skills, required for effective coaching.

The philosophy of coaching is that as humans we are great! That we’re all discovering who we really are, what we would love to do and have in our lives and that we can develop certainty, presence and gratitude for making things happen in our lives far faster and more easily by having a coach who can assist, support and challenge us to be all we can be.


Course Outcomes:

On completion of this course you will have embedded knowledge with regards to:

  • Being able to define the key concepts associated with coaching
  • Understanding the coaching process
  • Identifying opportunities for coaching within personal and professional contexts
  • Understanding the nature of relationships that must be managed in a coaching program
  • Communicating effectively in explaining the coaching purpose and process
  • Working effectively with others during coaching sessions
  • Being able to organise and manage oneself and one’s activities in preparing a coaching schedule
  • Identifying and solving problems relating to the implementation of a coaching process
  • Negotiation and conflict handling techniques
  • Being acquainted with various feedback techniques and which approach to use
  • Deriving performance requirements as per the key results areas identified and defined

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