Cancel Culture and the copper snake

It seems like the biggest disease of our time is not cancer or covid, but fear. Fear of rejection, fear of the unknown, fear of death and loss and fear ...

Annual Report

Presidents Report 2022 It has been a busy year for our staff at LUSA and, although the challenge continues to achieve our financial support, we have impacted many lives, minds ...

Empowering Women in Business

With thanks for sponsorship received from Itirele Charitable Foundation, another successful Abigail program in Sasolburg has been completed enabling the empowerment of 30 Female owned businesses from the Vaal. This ...

Chest Chat

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AGM 2021

President Annual Report 2021 It’s a strange, strange world we live in ‘21Last year I touched on the term ANTIFRAGILITY, how LUSA is catapulting the opportunity of “idle” into critical, ...

Who is your accountability partner?

It is fascinating to watch the news nowadays.  So many “untouchable” people are being exposed and assets being repossessed.  It begs the question on how this happened and how it ...

So what is forgiveness all about?

Often when I coach people, the real challenges they face are usually because of difficult or toxic relationships. If one considers that we are social creatures and that our whole ...

Obstacles or Opportunity

Some people have the ability to see a mountain in every molehill and others the amazing ability to see a molehill in every mountain.  Which are you?There is a story ...

Life Coaching for the community

When you have a leak in the kitchen, who do you hire? A plumber.When you have a toothache, who do you call to make an appointment? A dentist.When something’s wrong, ...
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Lusa Community Chest Newsletter – September 2020

  Our Story:  Lusa Community Chest Lusa Community Chest was birthed in September 1990 as Sasolburg Community Chest and has grown and evolved over the last 3 decades, striving to ...



Phankha Sakoane Testimonial

Dear Mrs. Veronica Cronje Good Day! I wish to thank you and Lusa Community Chest for the support and help you provided, for your dedication, attention, and open-minded thinking and ...

Generation@ Peer Facilitator Testimonial

Dear LUSA Community Chest, I am writing this letter to express my heartfelt gratitude for the incredible opportunity I had to be a Generation@ peer facilitator from 2014 to 2016. ...

Abigail Enterprise 2023 Testimony – Ellen Masipa

My name is Ellen Masipa, the founder and owner of Sips and Malets. We manufacture pillows, cushions, pillowcases, and curtains. The first time I came to the Abigail training I ...

Abigail Enterprise 2023 Testimony – Masesi Morake

My name is Masesi Morake the Founder and Director of Mokapele Catering Services. Abigail’s training has helped me a lot in my business I now have employed 25 people to ...

Abigail Enterprise 2023 Testimony – Martha Mohapi

The day was 14 August 2023 when I stepped into Arcelor Mittal science centre. The day that changed my world business-wise I came to learn about many business concepts and ...

NPO Incubator Training 2023 Testimony – Jackie Vilakazi

I am so much grateful for the opportunity granted to me to be part of the group that was trained online from March to September 2023. This is my testimony ...

NPO Incubator Training 2023 Testimony – Connie Williams

My experience with the training I attended with Lusa There is so much I have learned during the course of attending this training. We had challenges as directors on our ...
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