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Lusa Community Chest is a non-profit and public benefit organisation that leads, supports and participates in inclusive community efforts that build capacity and mobilise resources to improve lives and create long term social change.

Lusa Community Chest opened its doors in 1990 as Sasolburg Community Chest, later Vaal region Community Chest. After 20 years of community service and the expansion of operational area that now includes the whole of the Vaal Triangle including Meyerton and Parys, Northern Free State and Gauteng, it was rebranded Lusa Community Chest.

Lusa Community Chest is a member of the national organisation Community Chest South Africa.


Lusa Community Chest supports non-profit agencies and community organisations that yield measurable outcomes in the following areas:

Family Care
Basic needs (food and nutrition)
Economic Empowerment
Community development
Support of people with special needs


In collaboration with individuals and corporate partners, Lusa Community Chest focuses on four strategic areas namely, Community Development, Education, Health and Income generation.

We offer project management services for socio-economic development (SED) and Enterprise development (ED) investments. We are involved in the development and implementation a range of local and national programmes that align with our focus areas of education, health, income generation and community development


To serve the community by:

Creating synergic partnerships that add value to our stakeholders
Building capacity through identifying, analysing and addressing the needs of our stakeholders
Being responsible in our conduct by adhering to our set values, policies and goals
Promoting responsible philanthropy
Being the vehicle that volunteers can use to get involved and make a difference in community.

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Awards recognition for Kagiso Shanduka Trust (KST) Corporate donor of the year.


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27 Nov

Wish upon a star

Wish upon a star Making Christmas dreams come true for children in youth care centers in the Vaal Get involved Contact Retha 0169760933 27 November 2020
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Mission & Goals

We encourage and promote philanthropy and volunteerism


A world where individuals and families achieve human potential through education, income stability and healthy lives.



To improve lives by mobilising the caring power of our communities to advance common good.


Our Aspirations

Our Values

Integrity and honesty:
We aspire to be good stewards of all resources entrusted into our care and apply the principles of sound governance and due diligence.
We serve society with respect, concern, courtesy and responsiveness, accepting that we are charged to be accountable for all we do.
Our focus is people helping people through care, consideration and empathy.
Entrepreneurial Spirit:
We are receptive to creative and innovative ideas. We embrace critical questioning, service excellence and continuous improvement. We continuously promote capacity building through the sharing of knowledge and skills.
We embrace the uniqueness of every individual irrespective of age, sex, national origin, ethnicity, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation or social status.

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Lusa Social Entrepreneurship Institute

LUSA SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP INSTITUTE is a training institute passionate about developing people to reach their highest callings for the greater good.

Our Focus is on personal, leadership, business and community development and we do so through an offering of in-person and online courses .

Join our courses if you want to transform your life, reach your full potential and leave a lasting legacy?

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